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Founded in 1999, Mahi and Co. is a London-based accounting firm. With a close-knit staff of 5, our qualified staff has the experience and expertise your organisation needs when it comes to exceptional accounting services for both small and large companies. Offering a variety of accounting and tax services, we’ll help you determine what your current and future needs are to help maximise your organisation’s success and ROI.

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Whats makes us different?

No matter what your company’s needs are, we at Mahi and Co will find a solution to help your company grow toward a successful future. Whether you need advice or guidance on how to start up a new business or if you need assistance in preparing and filing your taxes, our dedicated staff is here to help you with all your accounting needs. We also take care of Inland Revenue if they are auditing you or if they have any questions about your company being compliant with their regulations and law.   We’re your one-stop accounting services company for your small or large organisation. You can give us a call to set up a time to go over your needs with one of our trusted accountants by calling us at 020 7247 3993 today.


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