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Cashflow Forecast

Cashflow forecasting is one of the many key requirements in running a profitable business. Many organisations prepare annual cashflow forecasts when they are planning their yearly budget, and then creating shorter term forecasts for their treasury team or their bankers. If you need to create a cashflow forecast for your company, then you need to contact us to see how we can help you.

Tailored Business Plan Services

We provide tailored business plan services to meet your needs when you are contemplating on starting your own company. You need to determine what your business goals are and clearly outline the steps it is going to take to achieve them in your business plan. You need to make sure your vision is financially feasible, so you can ultimately run a profitable organisation that’ll be able to stand on its own for years to come. Here’s a list of business plan services we offer:

  • We’ll update your company’s annual cash flow sheet.

  • We’ll help you create short-term, detailed forecasts that look at individual company payments and receipts. Integrating short-term forecasts with longer-term forecasts is complex and requires experience and skill.

  • We’ll help you manage multiple currencies and exchange rates to give you an accurate cashflow forecast for your company.

  • We’ll help you maximise your company’s profitability through our expense planning services.

  • We’ll identify driver-based expenses that are often looked over year after year.

It’s crucial that you have a strong grasp on your company’s finances and cashflow, which is why you can count on us at Mahi and Co to provide you with a variety of superior cashflow forecasting services for your small or large business. To find out all that we have to offer to your company, you can give us a call at 020 7702 8675 today.

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